News & Updates

Facilities Updates

  • Outdoor Wireless Access Points
    ***There will be some blasting and noise to install the wireless point installations; however, ITS Telecom has assured us that any blasting and
    associated noise will be performed during the night time hours only.***
  • NOTIFICATION: Wireless Access Point Installations Begin Today, August 11, 2017
  • (ITS TELECOM vendor​ ) will be installing the cabl​ing for the Wireless Access Points. CSI  will be working today, Monday, August 11, 2017, and possibly through part of Tuesday to complete 
    ​all ​
    the installs.
    The installation
     will be on the 1st floor of FM side and the PPS break room.

ITS Updates

  • Trend for personal use retirement – Our contract for Trend for personal use ends on September 8th. After that date you will no longer be able to obtain a license file for Trend.
    ITS will also be turning off the server that manages Trend on campus next Friday 8/11. Very few systems are checking in at this time, but if you are aware of any systems that
    have not been on the network in some time, this would be a good time to review those systems and get them updated.
  • New Software download page – ITS is upgrading the software download page to bring it into the 21st century. Once we have it ready for review we will be posting a link. 
  • Dropbox Smart Sync – Next Friday 8/11 ITS will be turning on the Smart Sync feature for Dropbox. This allows customers to manage very granularity if files will be in the
    Cloud only or if synced to your desktop. This is a great feature that I am sure many will like. The default will be for the files to be Cloud only and this can be easily configured
    to sync those files and/or folders locally. The new site will allow student access as long as they are enrolled.
  • Buh-bye MyFiles - Myfiles going away Sept 29th. Server & Storage is working with Client Services to verify students will be able to map their campus network drives while
    accessing through Eduroam or via VPN.
  • Spirion - Sensitive Data Finder - ITS has been using Identity Finder, now called Spirion, to scan local drives for credit card and social security numbers. ITS and the ISLs want to extend the scan capabilities to faculty and staff so they can scan their drives, too.